Monday, 27 October 2008

almost forgot!

I will be at all of then except the Hillhead one on the 13th as I have to work at my horrible Job Of Doom. Yech.

made in the shade

Made in the Shade at the Lighthouse was a success! It's a great boost to the ego to hear nice things about what I've made as when I'm holed up making them I get convinced they're a bit crap and no one will love them. I was sad to see the fox cushions go as they've been part of my flat for a while now, it seems a bit empty without them. I'll just need to make more :)

Guilt free stags :

Robots :

Dinosaurs and foxes, you can't get a better combination :

A much harrassed Martin who was roped into carrying all my stuff there:

Can't wait to do this all again!
I also managed to keep my spending to a minimum but I did buy a small handmade book from Bindy Boo, an initial brooch from Haberdash House and a bee-utey-full knitted collar from the Dandelion Project. There was so much other stuff I wanted to get that it made me die a little inside. In particular the scary cloud pin by the Curious Swift and just about everything from Ding Dong Designs.